(Coaches Beer &) Matches and Reports 29/30-Apr-2017

The Football Coaches are planning their Summer Beer/Meeting, so get the following in the diaries if you want to join us.
Saturday 10th June (venue TBD in West End)
– 5pm onwards some football on TV
– 7pm onwards beer and chat

Blackhall Primary Football
Blackhall Athletic Football Club



All published Primary School fixtures are available here Football->Fixtures
Please ensure you read the updated rules.

The following fixtures are scheduled:

Blackhall Girls P6/7 v Pentland Girls – Ravelston Park 9.30
Blackhall P5 v Davidson’s Mains P5 – Ravelston Park 9.30
Blackhall P6 v Duddingston P6 – Warriston big 2 10.30
Blackhall P7 v Flora Stevenson P7 – Ravelston Park 10.30

BAFC Unicorns (Girls U13) v Spartans – Broughton HS 10.45

Venues maps and details here.