Welcome to the BCSC

The main goal of the Sports Committee is to encourage sport for any child up to 18 years old in the Blackhall catchment area.

The Sports Committee was formed in 1909 and has 3 roles:

Sports AwardsAwards
We make annual donations to individuals, projects, clubs or organisations
Sports DaySports Day
We organise, fund and run the annual Blackhall Children’s Sports Day in Ravelston park.
We organise various events throughout the year to raise money in order to fund the Sports Awards and Sports Day

The dates for the 2017/18 events are as follows :

Committee Membership

The committee is voluntary and is made of 16 members.  Time on the Committee is limited to 2 years, therefore 8 first and 8 second year committee members each year.

2016/2017 Committee Members are:

  • Diane McLachlan – Chair
  • Grant Ross
  • Clare Evans
  • Iain Crawford
  • Debbie Silver
  • Russell Bain
  • Sinead Feltoe
  • Paul Schofield
  • Philippa Gray
  • Brian Sloane
  • Sarndra Arnott
  • Paul Moran
  • Alyson McLean
  • Chris Gilbert
  • Gillian Cole Hamilton
  • Craig Reid



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